Hey Get Back In The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Mindset By Helping Us Figure Out Where The Dick Rickon Stark Is

No one has been scattered throughout Westeros quite like the Stark family.

Ned’s head is still on a pike somewhere in King’s Landing. Robb’s, well, idk what happened to his and Catelyn’s bodies, but they ate it far from home. Bran’s North of the Wall in the middle of nowhere, Arya is across the ocean, and Jon, well, Jon is dead.

Only Sansa is in Winterfell, although she escaped, and her time there was awful.

But where. The Fuck. Is Rickon?

Only the video above knows. Well, that and George R.R. Martin.

And the show runners.

And people who have worked on the scripts. So, a lot of people.