Dude Explains Why ‘Big Bang Theory’ Is The Worst Show On TV In One Fell Swoop


For quite some time CBS’ The Big Bang Theory has been the #1 show on television. America loves a good mindless sitcom (myself included), but the problem with The Big Bang Theory goes well beyond that. If you’ve ever seen an episode of The Big Bang Theory you might’ve noticed that the show tries to stuff in as many so-called ‘nerdy’ pop-culture references as possible in the allotted time. It’s like 15 minutes of ‘hurr durr Reddit, Dr. Who, ZOMG George Takei‘ and 5 minutes of the actors eating Chinese Food.

Twitter user Lyle McDouchebag uploaded a video (he also has a quarter million subscribers on YouTube) that very succinctly captures just how fucking stupid, pointless, and god awful The Big Bang Theory is:


Not to be forgotten in all of this is an EPIC feature we ran back in ’14 by one of our contributors. That post was titled Why I Fucking Hate ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and it’s an absolute MUST READ for any of you bros who have ever taken exception with the #1 show on television.

And while we’re on the topic, the thing that chafes my ass about The Big Bang Theory is not the lack of jokes, or the fact that there’s no contiguous plot…It’s the fact that there are genuinely good actors on that show who act like fucking idiots on the show. You take them out of BBT and they win acting awards, but within the confines of that show they’re all complete and total dumbasses…end rant.