Will Ferrell Answers The Most Googled Questions About Himself Like ‘When Did Will Ferrell Die?’

by 9 months ago

Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler have a new movie coming out this weekend, The House, and they spent the last few weeks doing press leading up to the premiere. I tend to hate these pre-film hype interviews because they’re all the same. Celebs reveal something about themselves that’s the tiniest bit juicy and websites like TMZ treat it like real news. Wired has cracked this mold in a way that I’ve been loving.

When Wired gets celebrities in the studio for interviews they don’t put any in-house talent on camera to ask questions, they let the celebs do all of the talking. They’ve also come up with a format that I find myself enjoying every time they put out a new video. Wired has celebrities answer the ‘most googled questions‘ about themselves in a series they’re calling ‘Autocomplete Interview’.

To get some hype building for The House, they got Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler to answer the most Googled questions about the celebs. I found the first question to be quasi interesting: ‘Is Amy Poehler Swedish?’ Amy’s brother, Greg Poehler, lives in Sweden and had 2 seasons of Welcome to Sweden on NBC, a show that Will Ferrell had a guest cameo on in Season 1. It was a great show and it got canceled way too soon, go stream it and you’ll see what I mean..Now you know the origins behind that question, I guess.

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