Will Ferrell And Ryan Gosling Are ‘The Knife Guys’ And They’re Here To Sell You Trump Steaks


YouTube / Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live Will Ferrell surprised the audience by showing up for an impromptu edition of his QVC knife show ‘The Knife Guys’ with Ryan Gosling. In addition to commandeering Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan the two also jacked Donald’s beef, using Trump Steaks to display their exquisite knives. All that aside, the highlight of the sketch for me was definitely when we found out that Ryan Gosling, an man who turned down the honor of People Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ multiple times, well he screams like an 8-year-old little girl:

I don’t follow the gossip columns as closely as some bloggers around the web, but I certainly see enough headlines on a daily basis to know that Ryan Gosling had his second child with Eva Mendes last weekend (for my money she’s ‘top 5 hottest women in the world’, so congrats to him on all his pipe laying). It was pretty chill of Eva to let him out of the hospital/nursery to go on Jimmy Kimmel just hours after they had their second child, I’m fairly certain I don’t know a woman alive that’d be so cool with her husband taking off. I guess when he’s a serious actor with serious comedic chops she really doesn’t have much hope of putting a collar on him though:

In other news, even though I enjoyed this sketch immensely when I shared it with my BroBible colleagues we got to discussing how late night TV sketches don’t go viral anymore. David Covucci pointed out that the moment they started making videos to go viral they stopped going viral, which is a pretty astute observation for someone like David. My counterpoint was this: Conan, Ice Cube, And Kevin Hart Teach A H.S. Girl To Drive And HOLY SHIT These Guys Got Funny Again! That Conan sketch from back in January is quite possibly the best late night sketch of the past decade, and if you haven’t seen it yet you really need to get on that!