Will Smith Grabbed The Mic And Sang ‘Summertime’ During A Commercial Break On ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

Earlier today, while taping the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Smith took the opportunity to flash back to the days of his impossible coolness by grabbing the mic during a commercial break and singing the first verse of “Summertime.” Which, by the way, was his best song. That is a fact.

Sometimes we forget just how fucking cool Will Smith was in the 90s. I blame Jaden for that. Goddamn you, Jaden.

Anyway, Smith was cool. Just look at the original video for “Summertime” (below). Coolness is seeping from his pours. In fact, there were very few people who didn’t like him in the 90s. Dude could do no wrong. He was pretty much the Dwayne Johnson of the 90s. (Side Note: Isn’t it odd that everyone loves The Rock? I have literally never seen a single negative thing written about that guy. It’s almost unfathomable how likable that son of a bitch is.)

If you don’t remember when Will Smith was cool, just watch this video.

Dammit. That was some video, wasn’t it?