The Worst ‘Let It Go’ Rendition EVER Was Officially Performed On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Ummmm, any screamo bands out there looking for a new lead singer? Because I’ve got just the guy for you. But really, I’ve never seen teenage angst and Princess Elsa come together so swimmingly.

You have to love how the judges had such high hopes when the background music was first cued, but they were all dashed in a nanosecond as the very first cacophonous note escaped contestant Aaron Marshall’s mouth.

Judge Amanda Holden’s face says it all. There’s no saving a performance that begins like that, even if he would have unzipped himself and revealed he was the real, animated Princess Elsa brought to life.

I’m still struggling to figure out how the crowd got behind him. But then again, it is Frozen, so you pretty much have to sing along, right? It’s just a shame Aaron didn’t pick a song more… more in his range, so he could have really shown off his vocal abilities.

For now, though, I guess he’ll just have to own the title of “the worst ‘Let It Go’ singer on earth.” Maybe even in the entire universe, but I’ll leave that up for debate.

h/t Digital Spy

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