Let The Honest Game Trailer For ‘Ocarina Of Time’ Expose How Sexually Ambiguous The Characters Were


Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time were the two Zelda games I grew up with as a child, meaning that they hold a special place in my heart. From time to time I’ll still pop Majora’s Mask into my old N64 and start playing, although I’ll always stop once I get to the water temple because fuck that place and all of its fucking water spouts and shit. It’s common knowledge that the water temple in Ocarina of Time sucked fat cock too, a fact that hasn’t escaped the creators of this honest game trailer. While this video is mind-blowingly accurate in how ridiculous some aspects of the series are, it’s still making me want to go home, close my blinds and buckle down on a 12 hour Zelda binge.