50 Cent Just Declared Meek Mill Dead With This Incredible T-Shirt

The Hip-Hop Beef Alert siren is going off once again, bros.

This time, 50 Cent is out here firing shots at Meek Mill, who seems to be among the easiest targets in the game. If he wasn’t already dead after that feud with Drake, well, he might as well be now.

50 unveiled the R.I.P. Meek Mill t-shirt while performing with Chris Brown at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California, on Saturday night. Something tells me those things will sell like hot cakes.

I guess you kind of ask for this beef when “meek” is part of your pseudonym? And when you take shots at 50 Cent on your 4-4 EP. We’ll keep you posted if the Philly rapper responds to 50’s dig.

[h/t Hip-HopDX]