50 Cent Ruthlessly Trolls Rival Ja Rule Over The Colossal Failure That Was Fyre Festival

by 11 months ago

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For much of their professional careers, 50 Cent and Ja Rule have loathed each other. And they didn’t exclusively demonstrate their vitriol for each other on diss tracks (although in 2000, 50 recorded ‘Your Life’s On The Line‘ skewing Ja) but the two rappers have gone to physical blows on many occasions–reportedly in a hotel parking lot and 50’s recording studio. The feud was birthed after someone in 50’s crew jacked a chain off Ja over a decade ago and maintained through fragile rapper egos over the years.

But, back in 2013, the two rappers seemingly squashed their beef after Ja tweeted that the two shared a row on a flight together with no problems, hashtagging ‘N*ggaWeOffDat.’

Welp, after Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival turned out to be a colossal shit show with broken sewer pipes, delayed international flights, dogshit food, and a festival  site that resembled a refugee camp, 50 twisted the knife on a ‘heartbroken’ Ja Rule with a savage Instagram post.

Probably not what Ja Rule wanted to deal with after being served a $100 million class action lawsuit today.

Ja has yet to respond. I guess it’s difficult to rebuttal when you’re dead.

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