Today We Learned: Alan Thicke Has Sex To His Son Robin Thicke’s Music And That’s Gross As Hell

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That there on the left is Robin Thicke, creator of such dope jams as “Blurred Lines” and maybe one other song? Idk. I am not Robin Thicke’s discography on Wikipedia.

Next to him is his Dad, Alan Thicke.

Next to Alan Thicke is his third wife, Tanya Callau.

According to her, those two like to have sex to Robin’s music.

That is weird, yes?

That is weird.

From US Weekly:

“When we do get freaky, we love [Robin’s song] ‘Sex Therapy,'” Callou, Alan’s wife of 10 years, told Us. “You have to admit, it’s a great song to get in the mood.”

Yes I was correct that is weird.

This is that song.

It is not a good song to have sex to, even if it wasn’t made by your stepson.

[H/T @RachelZarrell]