This Remix Of Best Night Ever’s ‘Fire Me Up’ Is The Ultimate College Party Anthem

by 2 years ago


The first weekend in December is such a great time on college campuses around the country. With finals and winter break coming up and football winding down, it’s a last chance to rage face before packing up the bags for a month. Whether it’s a tailgate, house party, or bar crawl, we have the ultimate jam to add to your playlist.

Directly from our boy Tim Gunter, the man responsible for this party banger:

Best Night Ever reached out to me a few months back to remix his new single “Fire MeUp.” When I first heard the track I knew it would be easy to flip because it’s extremely catchy and is a quintessential pop song.  The original has a lot of house vibes but I wanted to take it more in a hip-hop direction. The drums knock, and the melody I created with the xylophone captures the catchiness of the original.

Press play and fire it up:

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