Here’s a Picture of Big Boi Hanging With Andre 3000, Meaning the Outkast Reunion IS Happening

… And this one said, “Just leaving the old Stewart Ave.” (Yep, they're in Atlanta. And in the city's red-light district, too! Also, good god, how much would you pay for Big Boi's Outkast windbreaker? It is awesome.)

It's now been seven years since Idlewild and the duo's last public performance. Over that period of time, Big Boi has remained prolific—releasing the terrific Sir Lucious Left Foot and the underrated experimental work Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors—but Three-Stacks has been in a frustrating state of semi-retirement. There have been amazing guest verses on songs that really didn't deserve him (“Walk It Out” and “Deuces“), but ultimately, the tracks have been few and far between. 

If these photos represent just a casual reuniting between the duo before Coachella, that's great. Even extremely famous childhood friends can hang out with each other when they're home for Thanksgiving. But if it represents something more, like a full album of original Outkast stuff? I may have just pissed myself. Cue Aquemini.

[H/T: The Smoking Section]