Millionaire Investor Calls Out Rapper Bow Wow For Stuntin’ With A Pic Of His Money On Instagram

Instagram is great, but holy hell is it contrived. You can literally be a fat dude surrounded by cheese puff dust in your mother’s basement and rack up millions of followers with stolen pics of Ferraris and mansions. People are pretty stupid and will think you’re actually a part o the 1%.

Rappers are especially bad at stunting on Insta. Look at 50 Cent: He’s still rich from that Vitamin Water money yet he had to explain to a bankruptcy court judge that he uses fake cash for Instagram pics for his personal brand. What a load of horse shit.

Bow Wow is now getting called out for something similar. Yesterday he posted this pic:

A couple hours later, millionaire investor Timothy Sykes noticed the pic looked familiar.  So he put him on blast instantly:

Another musician @shadmoss is using my cash photos, c’mon Bow Wow, don’t post in black & white, at least use my original photo in all its glory or better yet, go signup at so I can teach you how to make it yourself so you don’t have to reuse anyone else’s photo, you can be my next millionaire student id you’re dedicated! #musicdoesntpay #lil50cent #streamingdoesntpay #learnstocksinstead #wealthoverfame #edjewcation #jewjew

Not subtle, Bro. Post pics of your own fucking money, Bow Wow.

Or, better yet, post a video of you paying cash for a Ferrari. Is that even possible when you’re in the music industry these days? Are you even on Tidal, Bro?

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