In Honor Of Britney Spears Returning To The VMAs, A #TBT To The Best GIFs From Her Jaw-Dropping 2000 Performance

Britney Spears is returning to the VMAs for the first time since 2007.

Sick. I hope she plays Circus. That song rules.

Anyways, in honor of it, some dude made a bunch of GIFs from her 2000 performance.

For those of you much too young to remember a time before you could easily access hours-long HD videos of whatever the hell turns you on, this was the closest a cable network ever came to airing a straight up porn in prime time.

What I’m saying is it was a seminal moment for a lot of young men, so forgive me for getting both teary-eyed and erect.

Here’s the whole video.

Good god, the 1:03 mark is when I became a man.

Then she topped herself the next year with ‘I’m a Slave 4 U.’

And look how high she is in her 2007 performance of ‘Gimmie More.’

Should be a good night.

[Via @yosub]