Chance the Rapper Just Released an Awesome Look Into His Rise

2. If you HAVE heard of Chance, the first 15 seconds of this clip are like something out of 8 Mile. The rapper begins to make out the cheers of a crowd chanting his name and, unless I'm mistaken and Chance is just living through his mixtape's psychedelic name, you watch his face go through a dawning “Holy shit, I've actually made it in music” realization. He then blasts through a blistering opening two songs.

3. By around the four-minute mark, Chance slows it down to perform a full version of “Paranoia” to the sold-out Metro crowd. “Paranoia” is a “hidden” Acid Rap track, in addition to maybe being its high point, and its lyrical content focuses on Chicago's violent present and the relative lack of media attention that accompanies it (“Where is Matt Lauer at?”). The kid really shines here: His flow, a unique sing-rap stammer that always reminds me of vintage Andre 3000, is allowed room to breathe and deliver the needed message. He stands by himself. You can see how important the lines are to someone who, until very recently, was a high schooler.

This is some of the coolest concert footage I've seen in a while.  

[H/T: Hip-Hop Heads]