Enter For Your Chance To Win 2 VIP Tickets To This Year’s TomorrowWorld, Courtesy Of TomorrowWorld!



If we have to tell you what exactly TomorrowWorld is, well – we’re sorry. Truly and humbly sorry that you’ve lived this many years on this earth and still haven’t experienced the mind-blowing sanity-wrecking RIDICULOUSNESS that is almost literally the BEST electronic music festival in the United States. And yes, the only reason we said “almost” is because only a Sith deals in absolutes, and we here at BroBible are not Siths; we are Bros (although we wouldn’t mind a lightsaber or two floating around the office…)

We could go on to tell you 20 reasons why TomorrowWorld is the best experience of your life and how you need to go ASAP, but we won’t. You know why? Because we’d fail. Fail! Nothing can come even close to accurately describing what it’s like to attend TomorrowWorld, and while we did try our hardest their 2014 aftermovie does a pretty good job on its own:

But that’s not even enough. You need to be there. See it. Experience it and have an epiphany of sorts while you’re there that leads you to become the best version of yourself that you can be.

Right about now you’re probably thinking to yourself “Oh my holy Jesus and crispy Ritz crackers, I need to go NOW. But how? I am poor. I am lazy. I wish tickets would just fall out of the sky for me!”

Well unnamed person we’re talking to through the Internet, you’re in luck – we’re giving away two, count’em TWO completely free VIP passes PLUS camping to TomorrowWorld, courtesy of the Bros at TomorrowWorld who know that an experience like this one shouldn’t just be limited to people who have a buttload of disposable income to play with.

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Just in case you don’t like the idea of attending the festival of a lifetime up to chance, tickets are still available for purchase HERE.