IT’S OFFICIAL: Guns N’ Roses Will Headline Coachella 2016 (Here’s The Full Lineup Of Artists)

After several weeks of rumors that Guns N’ Roses will reunite at 2016 Coachella we can finally stop speculating. The 2016 Coachella artists lineup was just released and Guns N’ Roses IS OFFICIALLY HEADLINING THE FESTIVAL. I’ve never really had any desire to truck it out into the desert for Coachella up until now, it’s always seemed like more of a party scene than anything to do with music. This year’s obviously going to be VERY different when the one-time #1 band in the world reunites on the Polo Grounds of Indio…

Here’s what the 2016 Coachella Artist Lineup looks like, as of now:

As we reported last week there were some convincing rumors swirling that Guns N’ Roses would reunite at Coachella 2016…I cannot even begin to fathom what this will do the price of tickets to the festival. It’s already expensive as fuuuuuck to enjoy Coachella, mostly because they heavily incentivize the VIP tickets (not to mention the hotels + pool parties + flights from the East Coast, etc etc etc).

That said, I might have to break open the piggy bank this year if it means I get to see GnR reunite in the desert, a concert that hasn’t been seen in decades….I’m curious though, do you bros think this concert will live up to the hype? Answers down below in the comments!