DJ Puts A Middle School Bully In Place When He Tries To Get Hooked Up For Free Tickets At Marquee Nightclub In NYC

There no burn quite as great as a slow burn. In the case of Brandon Weiss, who performs under the stage name Kasum, it took years and just the right opportunity to put bully from middle school in place.

Tonight Kasum will perform at Marquee nightclub in Manhattan, arguably one of America’s most prestigious stages for dance music talent. You never know who will roll through Marquee on a Thursday. One night it could be Drake, the next night Kevin Durant, the next night Kendall Jenner or a flock of A-list models trying to nuzzle up to Leonardo DiCapro. You get the point — As a DJ, it’s legit

Kasum’s worked and hustled his balls off for years to make it in the highly competitive world of electronic music. Now that he’s on the bill at Marquee, old foes are coming out of the woodwork and trying to cling on for a free hook-up at one of NYC’s best clubs. For example, Kasum’s former middle school bully. When the now grown-up bully hit him up looking for free tickets, Kasum put him in his place.

Owned. Karma like this is why it pays to be a good human being to everyone.

Throw Kasum a follow on Soundcloud. If you’re trying to hit Marquee tonight and don’t need to bum a ticket and bottles like a jerk/jobless bum, here are the details:

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