The First Thing DMX Did After Getting Out Of Prison Was Hit Up IHOP And Start Making Omelettes



When I first saw this pic earlier today, there were a lot of false reports that DMX was “working” at an IHOP in upstate New York. The rapper literally just got out of prison on an early release program and recently down to talk with some local press around Buffalo. He was locked after failing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support.

But DMX is back! And apparently he’s working on a new album. But first, some grub. A man gets hungry for real food after all that time in a cage. Via TMZ:

DMX took a turn at the griddle and whipped up a mean chicken fajita omelette at an IHOP outside Buffalo, NY … but don’t worry, he’s not ditching hip-hop for pancake flippin’.

X, who was released from the slammer on Friday, was spotted behind the IHOP serving window over the weekend, days after his release, leading folks to think he’d gotten himself a new post-prison gig as a line cook.

Not so … we’re told he was there to meet his manager and after the meal wanted to meet the cooks who made his meal, and that’s when he got a little too comfortable with the grease and pan.

Hell yeah. Cook those omelettes, Bro. The video of DMX learning how to use Google while coked out of his mind forever be the great video on the Internet. And dudes! DMX is on Instagram now!

What a time to be alive.

Where my dogs at?

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