‘You’re A F*cking White Male’ Anti-Trump Protester Gets Sick Remix And It Should Be The Donald’s Campaign Song

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Donald Trump Campaign Rally In Albany, NY

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Newsflash, dum-dums, a lot of people don’t like Donald Trump. He’s kind of a polarizing guy. He’s got Mickey Rourke ethering him and his wife, Melania. He’s got UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen sporting a profane hat to voice his disapproval of The Donald. His own kids won’t vote for him in New York, not for lack of love, but lack of awareness. But, at least he’s won the support of this Tulane frat that built a wall to make America great again. And now, he might just have his new campaign song.

First, a little context. The Alex Jones channel uploaded a video of “Anti-Trump protesters clash with Trump supporters outside of the Trump rally in St. Louis” on March 11th of this year. You can – and probably should – watch the video to see what you’re in store for…just make sure to fast forward to the moment at 11 minutes, 13 seconds…

Got it? Good. Here’s the “White Male Remix” from Placeboing aka Chris Lohr…

Basically every campaign song that Trump’s used has been nixed by the artists making them, so why not go balls out and use this? Just go full-on WWE and ride into every rally on an ATV a la Stone Cold Steve Austin, smash a couple beers together and chug ’em while this jam obliterates the room’s eardrums.

Whenever it comes to politics, I usually just pull this move from South Park

south park teacher i'm staying out of this one

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