These Horrendous Karaoke Renditions Of ‘Don’t Stop Believin” Will Change The Way You Feel About The Song

For a large chunk of my life, I genuinely loved Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey.

Then The Sopranos happened, Family Guy happened, karaoke became a thing people constantly do and now the song has lost much of its shine in my eyes. The tipping point actually might have been the moment I realized the song title dropped the -g in believing and MAN, DID THAT SHIT SET ME OFF.

Now comes this video of people completely butchering the song. And you know what’s odd? I love it again. I love it because people get so jacked about it, only to complete ruin the song. I love how bad people are at singing it. I love how they almost finish in their pants when the opening cords hit and then drop a deuce on the stage at the opening line.

People singing this song will always suck. I’ll never stop believing that. Sorry, believin’ that.

[H/T: The Roosevelts]