Down With Webster’s Top 10 Jams for the Summer

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Before we get into DWW's list, check out their music video for their own summer jam, “One in a Million.” Buy it on iTunes here!

1. Steal My Sunshine – Len

First off, Len are good friends of ours and also hail from Toronto. Secondly this song is amazing. Debatably one of our favorite samples ever (see “more more more” by Andrea True Connection). This song just sounds like summer and contains the word “sunshine”….let's go rent scooters.


2. Big Pimpin – Jay Z

Maybe it's the video on the yacht, or maybe it's the flute sample but this song just screams summer. Lots of good memories surrounding this one. Jigga man pimp C and B.U.N. B !


3. Going back to Cali – Notorious B.I.G.

This song is a summer barbecue/ dance floor staple. The west coast synth vibe and vocoder make me feel like California air is blowing on my ears. Also Biggie is the man. Had to make the list


4. Paradise City – Guns and Roses

A classic. Makes us feel like we're in the back of a pick up truck driving down a hot dirt road….don't tell us we're the only ones? Also any song with “paradise” in the title is a sure fire summer smash (see: Jimmy Buffet)


5. Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys



6. Ride With Me – Nelly

This song is just so awesome. Nothing hard about it, just easy listening. Brings back memories of the summer before 9th grade. It was an exciting time.


7. Baby Cause I'ma Thug – Trick Daddy

Most misleading title ever. I dare you to listen to this song and feel angry.


8. Walking On Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves

Just put this song on in headphones and walk down the street. You'll understand why we chose it.


9. Summertime – Sublime feat The Pharcyde

Two amazing artists, one amazing song. It's a little rappy and a little reggae-y which usually isn't our thing but on this one it works in a BIG way. Not to mention the title of the song is “Summertime”. Get real.


10. Ignition Remix – R Kelly

Despite all his creepiness and facial peeing tendencies this song is just too good not to have on this list. The melodies are so good in this song R Kelly could literally be singing about anything and we wouldn't care. This is a must play at any backyard party!

Hope you enjoyed our list. Happy summer to you!