Former Drive-By-Truckers Singer Jason Isbell Invited To Audition For NBC’s ‘The Voice’



It’s 2014. Why are we still doing these stupid television talent shows? Can’t they just go the way of The Gong Show and disappear from television forever? Give me more True Detectives, Homelands, Game of Thrones, not more Usher and Blake Shelton and Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera telling us what’s good and what’s not good.

Cue this tweet from badass southern rock singer/songwriter  Jason Isbell. The former frontman of the Drive-by-Truckers says he received an e-mail from a clueless NBC talent scout asking him to “audition” for the show.The man is practically worshipped by every SEC frat Bro in the country. He’s pretty much royalty in the state of Alabama. Despite his split with the Drive By Truckers years ago, he routinely plays gigs all across the country.

Little did the idiot at NBC who pressed send know that Isbell’s career in music is just fine, why thank you:


But if he ever did do such a thing, it would be absolutely hilarious:

Viva la independent music. When you can make a guy dance like this at your concert, who the fuck need The Voice?

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