Drone Footage Of Phish Playing Reggae On The Beach In Mexico Will Help You Forget About This Blizzard


YouTube / Pete Burkhardt

If you follow BroBible on Instagram (pics down below) than you might’ve seen that I was down in Mexico last weekend to see the quartet from Vermont play one of the most epic runs in the band’s storied history. Obviously not everyone one of you is a Phish fan, but you’d be shocked to learn how many BroBible readers are. Maybe it’s an East Coast thing, maybe it’s a bro thing, or maybe it’s because Phish is one of the most musically talented bands in history and our readers have a knack for recognizing talent…What’s the phrase? Real recognizes real.

Anyways, now that I’m back stateside I’m obviously in serious withdrawal. Thinking back to last weekend and how fucking awesome it was to be standing in the sand, feet from the stage, having a waiter bring me (all-inclusive) margaritas while I watched the boys from Vermont playing a completely epic run. I might get up a full recap of the 3-day run at some point this weekend, when I have more time, but for now I wanted to share with you bros this drone footage of Phish playing ‘Yarmouth Road’, a reggae-centric song that focuses heavily on the band’s bassist, Mike Gordon. For whatever reason the person who uploaded this drone footage of ‘Yarmouth Road’ to YouTube made it so websites cannot embed the video, and people have to click out to watch it on YouTube. I have no work around for that, so if you want to hit play on the embed below it’ll take you to YouTube or you can CLICK HERE for the direct YouTube link. Either way I just wanted to let you know that there are some photos I took on my iPhone down below, if you’re interested:

Now for a little recap of the event. Here are some pics and video I tossed up on the BroBible Instagram while down there….For future reference, if you have Verizon Wireless you can pay $2 to use your plan in Mexico. You have your same data, texting, and call package you just get to use it in Mexico for $2/day…Something good to know if any of you bros are ever traveling down there:

Spring break in January, because why the fuck not? #phish #phishrivieramaya

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I didn’t take these two, they’re just good pics:

The band hired hired the Disco Biscuits’ light designer to light up all the palm trees and set up lights out in the ocean in order to bring the venue to the next level:

Party like there's no tomorrow, bros. #phishrivieramaya

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To any of you bros that were down there I say this: I can’t wait to see you and Phish back in Mexico next January! (h/t LiveForLiveMusic.com)

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