Ed Sheeran Caught A Girl Singing His Song In A Mall And Surprised Her With An Impromptu Duet

Ed Sheeran pulled a pretty bro move at a mall in West Edmonton this week, touching the life of a fan forever. Up until I watched this video of Ed Sheeran surprising a girl singing karaoke in a mall I actually had no idea that ‘Thinking Out Loud’, the song heard 10,000x on the radio each day, is an Ed Sheeran jam. If we’re being honest with one another I didn’t know any Ed Sheeran songs aside from his acoustic cover of ‘Trap Queen‘, and my knowledge of Ed Sheeran extended as far as me knowing he’s friends with Taylor Swift. However, after watching this video I think I’ll actually spend 5 or so minutes figuring out who this dude is, and how he’s become one of the biggest stars in the world.

I haven’t ignored him for any reason other than my distaste for pop music (Taylor Swift aside). Up until now he’s been ‘guilty by association’ when it comes to music, because most of the songs on the radio these days (aside from Country Radio with Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley) is complete garbage. But he seems like a pretty genuine bro after watching this video. He saw the opportunity the touch the life of a fan and all it took was a few seconds out of his day, and he seized that opportunity. I think it’s safe to say you’d never see an artist like Chris Brown do something like this, right?

I’m definitely not going to start listening to his music, because I’m still stuck in the late 90’s listening to the best of Phish and Toad & The Wet Sprocket, but going forward I certainly won’t ignore Ed Sheeran solely because he’s a pop star.

I’m being told this is the song the two were singing together in the West Edmonton Mall:

I mean, it’s okay, but it’s got nothing on his cover of ‘Trap Queen’:

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