Here’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Creator George R.R. Martin Chillin’ At The Grateful Dead’s Last Show At Solider Field

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.12.52 PM


Just your reminder that ‘Game Of Thrones’ creator George R.R. Martin — a child of the ’60s — is a huge Deadhead. Here’s a pic of George R.R. Martin just chillin’ pre-show at Solider Field before The Dead took the stage for their final Fare Thee Well show.

There’s a reason why the Direwolves in Game of Thrones are called Direwolves and Weirwood is called Weirwood.

Maybe he’ll end Game of Thrones with Tyrion Lannister slapping Aria on the back and saying “always a hoot.”

UPDATE: Bill Murray is there as well….