‘Hatebeak’ Is The Most Interesting Metal Band In The World, With An African Grey Parrot On Lead Vocals


Reptilian Records

With a new album titled ‘The Number of the Beak’ set to drop soon, Hatebeak is unlike any other heavy metal band in the world. What sets them apart from the monotony of Metal is their lead vocals is sang by 20-year-old African Grey Parrot, and the bird squawks on tracks such as ‘Hellbent for Feathers’ and ‘Seven Perches’, also my favorite track ‘Bird Bites, Dog Cries’. In some ways Hatebeak has the greatest singer of any metal band in the world, because with a lifespan of only 40 to 60 years the African Grey Parrot frontman of Hatebeak will die before he gets too old, and they wont’ have one of those aging rocker situations on their hands.

For those of you wondering what an African Grey Parrot looks like, this is a distant cousin to the lead singer of Hatebeak:

With the aforementioned new album set to drop, Consequence of Sound caught up with one of the non-parrot members of the band to discuss the band’s upcoming album with the African Grey Parrot on lead vocals.

Now for a SoundCloud preview of the band’s latest tracks, with the bird squawking on the center mic:

You can pre-order Hatebeak’s upcoming album ‘The Number of the Beak’ on their website, as well as stream all of their music.

By the way, you’re welcome for introducing you to your new favorite metal band, Hatebeak.