Heavy Metal Cover Of ‘Call Me Maybe’ Is 10,000x Better Than The Original, It’s Also Your New Favorite Song

I know that it takes several cups of coffee to get some of you bros moving on a Monday morning and that’s precisely why I waited until today to share Leo Moracchioli’s heavy metal cover of ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen instead of throwing it up on the site over the weekend.

This is exactly what you need to get up to top speed this week, and coincidentally it’s also your new favorite song because you can’t just listen to this once. Trust me, if you try and listen to Leo Moracchioli’s ‘Call Me Maybe‘ cover only once then this is going to get stuck in your head for the next week. I recommend that you hit play and turn this up, then leave it on repeat until you’re ready to move on because if you pull the ripcord too early you’ll find yourself ordering a beer on Wednesday night and suddenly realizing this jam’s stuck in your head, and you really don’t want that.

Now I’ve been tossing around the ‘Song of the Summer’ title a bit too often here over the past few weeks, so I’m not willing to name this the Song of the Summer, but I’ll certainly be saving this to MP3 and bumping it around the city until Labor Day…

(h/t TastefullyOffensive)