Hoodie Allen’s Dope New Video Features Smokin’ Hot Instagram Model Bryana Holly

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 5.08.00 PM

The last time an e-mail from Hoodie Allen landed in our inbox, it was to announce his track “Nolan Ryan,” which became infamous for sparking a beef war with Mike Stud, G-Eazy, and Riff Raff. Now that the fire has tampered out, Hoodie is back to doing what he does best: Producing new bangers.

Today Hoodie dropped his latest single, “Movie.” The track is the first off his new album People Keep Talking, which is slated for release on October 14th and available for pre-order on iTunes. The movie is a tribute to the silver screen (Hoodie pays homage to The Shining, Transporters, and The Royal Tenenbaums, amongst others) and features smoking hot model Bryana Holly, who you should already be following on Instagram.

It’s easily the sickest video we’ve seen Hoodie release to date.

Here’s the album cover  for People Keep Talking:


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