Iggy Azalea’s New Album Is A Complete Flop Before It’s Even Been Released, Like ‘Finding A Turd In Your Coffee’ Bad

Iggy Azalea has officially made the transition from “underdog” to “designated heel for everyone to grind into the dirt,” as tracks from her latest album have not only flopped here, but overseas as well. First Iggy couldn’t sell any tickets to her first (and subsequently cancelled) arena tour, and now with her and Nick Young’s wedding officially being called off it looks like 2016 is going to be a rough, rough year for Iggy since her music career appears to be going down the tubes as well.

The first single released from her sophomore album, “Azillion,” is monotonous auto-tuned garbage:

Originally a music video was planned to accompany the song, however due to the mixed reception the track received the label scrapped the video:

Iggy’s second single, “Team,” also managed to bomb on the US, UK and Australian charts “despite heavy promotion,” leading to her second album, Digital Distortion, to be pushed back to an undetermined date.

In the meantime, Iggy is reportedly working with EDM DJ Zedd in order to produce a “more commercially-viable single.”

Her decline doesn’t stop there though, as Iggy reportedly is now set to appear as a judge on the Australian X Factor:

She’s also just inked a deal to appear as a talent show judge on The X Factor Australia, which could be considered a step down for someone who was considered the hottest thing on the music scene just two years ago.

The Australian edition of the singing competition is generally considered to be less prestigious than the UK version, as well as other talent shows like America’s ratings sensation The Voice.

Iggy is stepping in to fill the spot once occupied by Dannii Minogue, whose music career was considered well and truly over by the time she joined the show in 2013.
Whether Iggy can get her career back on track through The X Factor at this point remains to be seen.

If history is anything to go by, she’ll either bounce back à la Jennifer Lopez on American Idol, or languish on the C-list like singer-turned-TV judge Jessie J.(via)

Is Iggy back to being an underdog for people to root for, or is she toast? Only time will tell.

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