Kevin Gates, 100s and the 5 Mixtapes You Need to Listen to This Week

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Drew Millard of Noisey is back to spit some fucking truth on what bros should be listening to this week.

100s – IVRY


Sometimes, a bro’s gotta fuck. And when he drives the ol’ Jeep Grand Cherokee (his penis) to Fuck City, Vermont (coitus), he’s going to need a soundtrack for it. Allow me to recommend the Berklee, CA rapper 100s and his Northwesternghostwridinthewhipmuzik masterpiece IVRY, which sounds like what you’d get if you locked 1995 Snoop Dogg in a room with Roger Troutman and Too $hort. In other words, this is as close as you can get to empirically songs for fucking (not to be confused with the Big Black album Songs About Fucking, which—heavy music history lesson here—is decidedly not a soundtrack for fucking anyone other than, like, a lubed-up hole in a tree while you whip yourself, here just listen to one of their songs and feel your dick suck up inside your body like a frightened turtle).

Uh, yeah. Listen to 100s.

Kevin Gates – By Any Means Necessary


More bros should listen to Kevin Gates, mainly because more everybody needs to listen to more Kevin Gates. He’s arguably the perfect rapper for 2014: melodic, original, a keen writer, with an ability to ram pathos down the throat of the listener and then tell a joke to deflate the tension when it’s all done. This isn’t his most fully-realized body of work (that distinction would go to his breakout Luca Brasi Story), but it doesn’t really matter—Kevin Gates is looking to create a body of work that stands as a whole, and with every tape he puts out he gets closer and closer to that goal.

Kirko Bangz – Progression IV


Kind of a bummer, but despite the wealth of talent currently leaking out of the city like a cup of lean with a hole punched in the side with a key, new Houston rappers are struggling to break out of their city’s crowded, rigid scene. Though winning projects have been released in the past year or so by guys like Maxo Kream, Doughbeezy, and Propain, it’s Kirko Bangz (yes, you pronounce his name like “Kurt Cobain,” no, this is not tasteful) who’s found a national audience by scoring a hit with “Drank in My Cup” and popping up on seemingly every major mixtape offering reliably fun robot-in-molasses vibes. While his newest tape isn’t going to cure cancer or split the atom or anything, it’s great for getting really high to.

Pink Dollaz – Pink Drugs


Pink Dollaz put out Pink Drugs in 2012, but I’m including it in this here column because not only are the women of Pink Dollaz bad as fuck and incredible at rapping (themes include: doing a shitload of drugs, how they’re bad as fuck, how you ain’t shit), the production here—provided by TY Dolla $ign’s beatmaking crew Drug$—is basically the template for how good party rap sounds today. If you don’t know where your turn-up comes from, you’ll never be able to fully turn up in the future. REMEMBER THIS, FRIENDS.

Soulja Boy – King Soulja 2


SOULJABOYSTUNTONTHEMHATERS! Soulja Boy will never stop being the best, and I will never stop telling the world how Soulja Boy is the best. While his newest offering doesn’t reach the heights of Skate Boy and Last Crown—the true connoisseur’s choice in Soulja Boy mixtapes—new Soulja Boy mixtapes are always the best. This one has everything—turn-up jams, variations upon a theme (“Work,” “Guiseppe’s”), a song with Migos, the “We Made It” remix, even a song with Lil B! Anyways, I’m gonna go do the cooking dance for 17 hours straight. Peace!

Drew Millard is Features Editor for Vice‘s music channel, NoiseyFollow him on Twitter.

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