Does The Kidz Bop Version Of ‘All About That Bass’ Suggest Children Should Try Anal?



Kidz Bop is group of children–presumably run by adults–who take Top 40 songs and sing them in adorable kids’ voices. They also try to make them appropriate for children by removing the cursing and desexualizing the songs, which is tough, because all pop songs are about sex.

Take ‘All About That Bass.’ That’s about a chick’s ass. Sure, kids can obliviously sing along and be no worse for the wear. But it does have the word ‘booty’ in it. When Meghan Trainor says, “I’m bringing booty back.”

Can’t say that on Kidz Bop. So they changed it to “it all back.”

But boy does it sounds like “I’m bringing anal back.”

The offending lyric comes at the 1:27 mark.

[Via E, H/T @maureenoco]