Liam Gallagher Talking About His Brother And An Oasis Reunion Is Why I Love The Gallagher Brothers

The seasons change. Summer turns to fall turns to winter turns to spring. Yet there are only three guarantees in life: Death, taxes, and Liam and Noel Gallagher absolutely fucking hating each other. On October 26, the documentary OASIS: SUPERSONIC hits theaters around the world. The behind-the-scenes story about the world’s biggest rock band is *probably* going to be the best music documentary of 2016, if not just for the scenes of Liam and Noel talking shit about each other.

On Sunday Liam hit up the premiere for the movie and — surprise! — his brother Noel skipped it. He didn’t mince words about his brother’s lack of attendance, telling The Daily Mail “I guess he’ll be there if it wins an award though, won’t he? This probably ain’t fucking A-list enough for him!”

He continued on Twitter:

And, best of all, Sky News caught a visually pissed off Liam making fun of Noel, noting that he’s “probably staying in one of his big, big, big, big houses” when asked about an Oasis reunion.

The world needs Liam and Noel Gallagher more than ever. Even if they never step on stage together ever again to sing “Wonderwall” or “Champagne Supernova”, the world is at peace when they’re publicly bickering.

Make it happen, boys. Humanity needs you.

And just because every ying needs its yang, here’s a 10 minute video of Noel Gallagher shitting all over Liam:

Here’s the trailer for Oasis: Supersonic:

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