Lil Wayne Has Super Powers — Every Time He Writes A Song About A Pro Sports Team They Win The Championship

It’s quite possible that Lil Wayne is a modern day Nostradamus, or that he has super powers, because something very strange is going on with his music. As noted by XXL Mag, every single time that Lil Wayne has written a song about a professional sports team that team has then gone on to win the championship. with the scoop:

In 2009, he started dedicating songs to certain players and teams, starting with Kobe Bryant. Earlier that year, Kobe and the Lakers stomped Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic, and during the following season Wayne penned a tribute to Kobe called “Kobe Bryant.” Later that year, the Lake Show won another ring by defeating the Boston Celtics.
Fast forward two years, and the Green Bay Packers are set to play the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2011 Super Bowl. The Steelers already had their go-to anthem thanks to Wiz Khalifa’s massive “Black & Yellow” which had only dropped a couple months before. But Wayne, an apparent Packers fan, wanted to support Brett Favre and co., so he dropped “Green & Yellow” to help cheer on the Pack.


Now it’s 2016, and last night (June 19) the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Finals. And won’t you fuckin’ believe it, but just the other week Lil Wayne dropped a song called “Off Off Off” in favor of the Cavs.

He’s 3-for-3. Every time Lil Wayne’s written a song about a pro sports team he’s led them to the championship.

On a darker note, as reported here on BroBible, Lil Wayne is currently battling a reported life-threatening addiction to the codeine cocktail ‘Lean’, the drink that caused his private jet to make an emergency landing after the rapper suffered seizures in-air last week. The Daily Beast has a pretty comprehensive article on ‘Lean’, The Cocktail That’s Killing Lil Wayne, if you’re interested in reading more on what’s led this talented rapper down such a dark path.

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(h/t TIME via XXLMAG)

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