Luke Bryan And Jason Derulo Sang A Duet Of ‘Want To Want Me’ And This Is All I’m Listening To Today

Luke Bryan is the reigning King of Bro Country, so it makes perfect sense that he’d join R&B/Pop Music singer Jason Derulo for a duet of Derulo’s ‘Want To Want Me’….right? I mean, on the surface it might not seem like a likely pair to sync up for a duet: the current alpha bro in Country Music and an R&B singer from Miami, but once you think on this for a bit it all makes sense. Just consider for a brief moment that the cross-promotion between these two global stars has enough of a footprint on social media to pick up over 32 MILLION VIEWS ON FACEBOOK in less than two days.

32 million is not a typo. The video was shared by Luke Bryan on Facebook on August 10th and at the time that I’m sharing this with you bros it’s up to 32.665 million (and counting).

I can’t say for certain what makes this duet so infectious, and why I’ve already listened to it like 5 times. If I had to wager I’d say that this video’s going viral so fast because it’s equal parts ‘catchy song’ and ‘country bro Luke Bryan having a helluva time’. This is just good content.

This actually isn’t the first time they’ve paired up, as Luke and Jason collaborated on stage at the 2014 CMT Awards.

Above is the YouTube version, but here’s the Facebook video embed so we can all keep track of the view count together: