Jam Out To Lunde Bros’ Electro Slammer ‘Hot Stepper’ This Weekend And Get The Party Lit AF

hot stepper


It’s not often that I pitch throwing up some music onto BroBible and get such a rousing response from everyone: usually I get “okay” and “K” and “sure,” but Hot Stepper by the Lunde Bros? Nah, this track got us BUMPIN’ from the get go:

Cass: I clicked that song link and I just realized that it’s been playing in my head ever since
JCamm: Wow, it’s actually a remix of “Hot Stepper.” I’m back in 1998, in a basement, drinking Keystone Lights and hoping to finger bang by night’s end.

So if JCamm day dreaming about finger banging loose women in the 90’s isn’t enough of an endorsement for you, frankly there’s not much else I can do to convince you this track is a banger – but I’ll still say, for the record, that this track is one hell of a banger.