Frontman For Megadeth GOES OFF On Fan For Interrupting

If you ever happen to find yourself at a Megadeth concert and frontman Dave Mustaine is talking then zip your big yapper or you might find yourself at the business end of a public dressing down from one of the greatest Heavy Metal bands in history. This is exactly what happened at Megadeth‘s concert in Moline, Illinois last week (October 7th). A week after the incident video footage of Dave Mustaine ripping a fan to shreds, calling him an ‘asshole’, ‘pile of shit’, and ‘turd’ is making the rounds.

What I think I love the most about this video of a Megadeth fan getting torn to shreds by the very band here’s there to see is how it actually makes Dave Mustaine look more legit. If something like this were to happen at one of the countless political rallies around the nation right now the offending politician would be run out of town overnight. Sure, politicians are supposed to set the living example of propriety and what it means to be a good person, and Heavy Metal rock stars are supposed to snort coke off the butts of strippers, but I find it refreshing that man with a microphone can speak his mind and say whatever the fuck he wants without there being a public outcry.

(h/t GuitarPlayer)