The Most Intense Beef in Music Involves… Rihanna

(You're still the man, Drake. Your new album is fire.)

So for really mean shit—dark, angry shit—we turn to the world of female R&B, specifically Rihanna and Teyana Taylor, who are currently acting out the Biggie and Tupac saga of the Instagram age. You know who Rihanna is. Taylor, you probably don't: She's an up-and-coming New York-based singer, who recently recorded this cover of an Anita Baker song.

For some reason, that post recently prompted Rihanna to set down the day's 86th blunt, call over her man-servant Yusef, and ask him to don a wig and make fun of Taylor's cover. He seemed to succeed.

THAT WAS MEAN. Taylor seemed like such a nice lady. 

But, alright. Story over? Hahahaha. NO. Taylor took to Twitter and ripped apart Rihanna, writing “petty is petty and shade is shade, bitch knew what the fuck she was doing” among a few other statements that I'm having difficulties translating. According to Hot 97 this morning, Taylor was asked by her manager, who is her mother, to delete the incriminating tweets. But Rihanna still pretty clearly saw them, and today she changed Twitter background to this image, taken from

And to write:


And then Taylor went there—you might know what that there is referring to—changing your Twitter background to this:

Woosh. Rihanna instantly has everyone's sympathy. Eagerly awaiting the rebuttal.