Mumford & Sons New Single ‘Believe’ Sounds Nothing Like Mumford & Sons. Naturally, People Hate It

No banjo. No video with Sudeikis and Bateman. What the fuck is Mumford & Sons thinking!?! Please, Lord, tell us they still wear button-up vests. Tell us they haven’t abandoned those. Give us hope, goddammit!

Yesterday, Mumford & Sons released “Believe,” the first single from their forthcoming album Wilder Mind and the general public (AKA folks on YouTube) are divided about it.

Surprising, this is not.

Every single time a band tries to evolve or do something off of center they are bound to lose those fans who can’t fathom the band having a different sound. But what is the alternative for Mumford & Sons? Release a third album with the same exact sound as Sign No More and Babel, which would set them up for a whole different kind of  ridicule?

I think they made the logical choice. If they stayed the course, even the most devout fans would have grown tired of the status quo. Plus, the vast majority of the negative comments — from all the music “experts” on YouTube — accuse the band of now sounding like Coldplay cover band. That isn’t the worst thing in the world, I suppose. Unless, of course, you think Coldplay blows dick.