The Band ‘My Dick’ Has Taken History’s Greatest Songs And Made Them 10,000x Better By Adding Lots Of ‘Dicks’

Never in my life has an album come along that’s such an instant classic. ‘My Dick’ has just dropped the only album worth listening to in 2015. This isn’t hyperbole. Music this incredible only comes along once in a lifetime, and My Dick’s Double Full​-​Length Release is the album that will have critics salivating for more for generations to come.

I honestly couldn’t get through a single song without immediately jumping to the next track, from ‘Baker Dick’ to ‘The Way My Dick Is’, and ‘Do They Know It’s My Dick’ to ‘Dick in Heaven’, this is the banger album that is the only thing you should be blasting at parties from now until forever. The player below is an embed from the My Dick band’s bandcamp website, where you can click on over to and purchase/stream any of the tracks.

Might I suggest checking out ‘Harden My Dick’ and ‘Baker Dick’ as some good jumping off tracks to get a hang of the fire that ‘My Dick’ is spitting.

There’s really not anything more I can say about ‘My Dick’ other than this: MOVE YOUR OBNOXIOUS ASS OVER, LENA DUNHAM. ‘MY DICK’ IS NOW THE VOICE OF OUR GENERATION!

If after listening to one or two songs you’re instantly a fan like myself, you can check out ‘My Dick’ on Facebook and become a fan by clicking here. There’s also a truly unfathomable amount of ‘My Dick’ apparel available for purchase over on their website, which you can check out by clicking here. For now bros, just go ahead and mark your calendars, May 5th is the day that you first encountered the greatest band of all time, and the day that your life truly began to take shape.

Huge shout out to Matt Goodmark for sharing my new favorite band with me and changing my life forever!

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