Ninja From Die Antwoord Tells The Most WTF Story About Kanye West You’ll Ever Hear

You might know Ninja as the frontman of Die Antwoord, a South African rap group, or you might know him from his acting role in the 2015 film Chappie, where he essentially played himself. If you don’t know who Ninja is then watching this clip all you need to know is that he’s a pretty crazy mother fucker, and the fact that meeting Kanye West freaked him out should speak volumes about Kanye, though after listening to Ninja’s story it sounds to me like Kanye was just high as hell when he met Ninja…You be the judge:

So first up I just want to say that this is 100% sincere and everything about this story is believable…except for the fact that Kim Kardashian cooks and/or made anything. I’m fairly certain that when Kanye West thinks he’s eating his wife’s Banana Pudding it’s actually either code word for eating booty or it’s from a gourmet sweet shop and it’s been flown in from NYC. That said, it’s impressive as hell that Kanye managed to freak out Ninja, one of the weirdest musicians on the planet. It’s also refreshing to see another talented rapper call out Kanye for often seeming very off in the head, because I think we all grapple with the disconnect between Kanye’s musical genius and the fact that he seems like a complete fuckboi on social media and on camera.

With that in mind I’d give this story a 10/10, and I’d definitely watch this again.

(via r/videos)

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