Since ‘Gangnam Style’ Is Finally Completely Out Of Your Head, Psy Dropped A New Song That’s Just As Irritatingly Catchy

Gangnam Style finally disappeared from the earth a couple months ago (at least it seems that way to me but I only listen to 1920s cartoon themes so I can’t be positive) so Psy is back with another just-as-catchy-but-sure-to-get-grating quickly called 나팔바지 or “Napal Baji.”

What’s this song about? No fucking clue. Judging from the video it’s about getting dressed, shaving a babyface, dancing around in a world that all seems to be on ‘shrooms and crowded cars.

There’s, of course, a dance involved with Napal Baji so be on the lookout at the next wedding, company holiday party or NBA basketball game.

[via Digg]

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