Ranking The Best Freestyles From Rappers Before They Were Famous, Including Mac Miller’s High School Dopeness


Back when I was at Penn State back in the mid-’00s, everyone who grew up around Pittsburgh wouldn’t stop talking about this high school kid named Mac Miller. In the early days of YouTube before it was gobbled up by Google, Miller’s celebrity with hip hop fans in Pennsylvania was mythical — The kid was a wizard wordsmith with a preternatural flow.  Videos of his freestyles in Taylor Allderdice High School went viral before anyone knew what “going viral” even meant.

Mac’s pretty established now, though I still get excited when grabs the mic and waxes poetic on Sway or other radio shows. We put together a little ranking of other famous rap freestyles from people like Eminem and Nicky Minaj before they were famous. Peep that video above.

And if you’ve never watched one of Mac’s high school freestyles, check it out here: