13-Year-Old Kid And His Brothers Shred On Banjo Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

Sleepy Man Banjo


Sleepy Man is a roots band of brothers from deep in the swamps of New Jersey. The group, comprised of 18-year-old Tommy, 16-year-old Robbie, and 13-year-old Jonny Mizzone, first got into roots music thanks to YouTube.

The youngest brother picked up the banjo at the age of 8 and showed he had a talent for it. His two older brothers starting playing for reasons only older brothers would understand.

“His talent and raw ability,” explained Tommy, “kind of said to Robbie and me we needed to up our game. We’re not going to allow our 8-year-old brother beat us at instruments.”

And so Sleepy Man was born.

These guys shred but is that the term? Shred? Does one shred on banjo? Pick like a muthafucker seems too much. They rock. How’s that?

[via Uproxx]

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