Soulja Boy Reportedly Just Signed A $400 Million Deal To Make Him One Of The Richest Rappers Alive


The Mount Rushmore of richest rappers of all time is pretty crowded with household names: Diddy. Dr. Dre. Jay-Z. Russell Simmons. Eminem. All people who flash in your face how rich they are. But soon there might be another artist to add to the list:

Soulja Boy.

Yes, that Soulja Boy, the “father of modern rap music.”

Last night the 25-year old Atlanta rapper tweeted that he just inked a deal for $400 million. That’s some serious cheddar, even for a man who was estimated to be worth $7 million at the age of 17 back in 2007 when “Crank That” first dropped.

I’m not sure how much money Soulja Boy is still bringing in on royalties, but my guess is it’s nowhere near $400 million. Meanwhile, the dude just got a writing credit for  Beyonce’s “Hold Up” on Lemonade because it includes elements of his 2008 jam “Turn My Swag On,” according to HipHopDX.

Here’s how he announced the deal, which is still shrouded in mystery. We’ll know it’s legit when he puts a down payment on an island or a mega yacht.