Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Played In The Style of DISTURBED Is Something We Can Rock The F*ck Out To

Taylor Swift’s been dominating headlines for the past few days as news broke that there may or may not be a sexy pic floating around of her and boyfriend Calvin Harris, but I couldn’t give two sh*ts about that. Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift‘s sex life ranks just below ‘pond scum’ on things I think or care about.

This video, as you can tell from the headline, is not at all about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ sex life, this is about YouTube star Anthony Vincent rocking the ever living sh*t out of Taylor’s ‘Bad Blood’ in the style of DISTURBED. This is a rendition of ‘Bad Blood’ I want to listen to at the gym, or have blasting on the boat as we’re running an hour out to the fishing grounds at the ass crack of dawn. I envision maxing out the poolside speakers to this DISTURBED-style version of ‘Bad Blood’ while trying to elevate the energy level of a barbecue, or blasting it from the truck during a tailgate.

That is all in stark contrast to Taylor Swift’s version of ‘Bad Blood’, which I cannot envision playing at any volume levels in which someone might hear it. Sure, her version’s catchy, but that’s where it stops. She wrote that song with the SOLE PURPOSE of getting ‘Bad Blood’ stuck in your head, she didn’t care if it was actually a badass song. This version from Anthony Vincent IS a badass song.

And if you’re looking for more from Anthony Vincent (I suggest subscribing to his YouTube Channel) you should check out this video, that’s the exact opposite of the one above. It’s him rapping along to Eminem’s ‘Rap God’ sped up to 1.25x speed: