You Can Get Your Taylor Swift Fix Online Again, Courtesy Of Jay-Z New Streaming Service

Helga Esteb — Shutterstock

Taylor Swift stunned the music world late last year when she pulled her entire catalog off the streaming music service Spotify. The site’s ubiquitous nature, and the fact that it’s used by nearly every musician everywhere, left people completely befuddled.

Lest you idiots didn’t think Swift had a plan. She always has a plan. She’s Taylor Swift.

She’s joining Jay-Z’s paid streaming service. HOV bought TIDAL last year for $56 million, and now he’s making an even bigger splash by dropping all of Swift’s work on it.

The only problem? It costs $19.99 month. Is that worth it to listen to Tay whenever you want? Swift certainly think so, and she’s rarely wrong .

[Via Complex]