18 Thanksgiving(ish) Songs In 60-Seconds Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Holiday Music

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Thanksgiving’s just around the bend, and believe it or not but we’re only 50 days away from Christmas Eve (at the time of publishing).

So what better way to block out how awful the holidays can be, and how much you hate your stepfather Ron, than by this 60-second medley of Thanksgiving songs (kind of) including everything from Alanis Morissette to Green Day? Because let’s be honest, Thanksgiving isn’t about giving thanks at all. In fact, the only think Thanksgiving is about these days is getting blacked out the night before (on the biggest drinking day of the year in the USA), then washing down that Herculean hangover down with the greatest meal your body can withstand.

So, here’s the best 60-seconds of holiday music you’ll ever hear:



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