You’ll Love ‘The Avocado Song’ Until It Goes Bad In Half A Day Because Avocados Are Frustrating AF

the avocado song keanu trees music video
This music video about one man’s love for avocados comes from the user “Keanu Trees”, which probably means he loves to burn one down to every stoner’s favorite actor Keanu Reeves. Hard to believe this is the first ode to the avo, but then again not really…

I have a love-hate relationship with avocados. Love the taste, goes great with everything, lasts about as long as a virgin in a porn-star orgy. And, apparently, the avocado is part of every jacked / shredded dude’s diet: Thor, The Mountain and this bro who lost half his body weight.

Think about it, you spend so long at the supermarket or local grocery store trying to find the perfect avocado and you think you go it, but NOPE. I have three avocados in my fridge and I can’t eat them because they’re not ready. I open one up thinking maybe that will soften it up, so I can enjoy it. I walk away for like five minutes and I return to find my avocado is brown af. Wtf.

I probably should’ve read this article about how to make a hard, useless avocado ripen in only 10 minutes.

Some were calling for the death of the avocado in 2014 (*cough* Brandon *cough*). Totally understandable. Avocados could be the one food item that causes the biggest roller coaster of emotions. Joy. And Pain. Sunshine. And Rain.