The Game Is Going Nuclear On Meek Mill On Instagram After Meek Allegedly Snitched On Him For Robbing Sean Kingston At A Club

Rapper beefs may be my favorite type of beef, other than roast beef. Roast beef with a little A1 sauce is some mouth-watering man shit. My mom makes the best. Miss you mom.

Anyway, The Game, Meek Mill, and Sean Kingston have entered into a highly unlikely, highly entertaining, and highly public feud over Sean Kingston getting robbed at an LA nightclub back in June, where someone allegedly hit Kingston over the head with a bottle and jacked his $300,000 chain.

Meek Mill apparently snitched on The Game and his crew, telling Kingston that The Game was tied to the robbery (Meek and Game were both at the club that night with Kingston). The cops ended up on The Game’s doorstep and cleared him after a thorough investigation.

As you may expect, snitching is a cardinal sin in the rap game, and The Game didn’t take too kindly to these allegations, evident in these hilarious Instagram posts ripping Meek he sent out to his 7 million followers.

Kingston then came out in support of Meek, claiming he never snitched to him or the cops about The Game’s involvement in the robbery.

The Game’s response is laugh out loud funny.

Meek wasted no time in releasing a diss track in response to The Game’s allegations, a path he’s been down before and didn’t work out too well for him. (See: Drake). Meek addresses everything from The Game’s claim that Nicki Minaj wants to bone him to how he’s not respected in his home city of Compton to how he was once a stripper?

“Strippers turned rappers look what we come to … You a f*ggot, my lady’ll never fuck you.”

Check out the track below.

[h/t TMZ]

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